Shiloh Baptist Church is very fortunate to have Cub Scout Pack 158 and Boy Scout Troop 158 chartered. These organizations provide the boys of the South Camden area a scouting experience. Cub Scout Pack 158 has been chartered to Shiloh Baptist two times. The first charter began in 1972, was canceled in 1974, and, for a short time, Pack 158 was moved to Sunbury, NC. Several folks helped start a new charter for Cub Scout Pack 158 in 1981. Four of the young Cubs went on to become Eagle Scouts in Troop 158. The Cub Pack has grown to its current membership of 41 Cubs, 5 committee members and 10 Pack and Den Leaders. Scout Troop 158 has produced 23 Eagle Scouts. Troop 158 Eagle Honor Roll Eagle Date Name 01/17/74 Wade Creel 10/16/75 Joseph Bray 01/06/76 Edward Shannon 01/01/79 Warren Riggs 12/29/79 Michael Sawyer 05/20/83 William Campbell 05/09/88 Gary Wayne Overtion 11/21/90 Shawn Sewell 10/12/92 Thad Forehand 09/08/94 Barry Jennings 01/24/95 Frank Powers 09/28/95 Mark Sewell 01/11/96 Jason Spencer 04/14/96 Daniel Jacobs 01/23/97 James Burgess 09/28/99 Peter Hastings 01/25/01 Anthony Spivey 04/25/03 John Green 06/27/06 Austin Nash 06/27/06 Kevin King 02/25/07 Daniel Godfrey 04/06/08 Jesse Flythe 01/03/10 Max Jolley 1/03/2018 Charles Jones. Please call the church office for information about our packs!